Setting up SOAP in SAP and Connecting with PHP

Video Walkthrough

SAP Setup
In transaction SICF active the following servicesMatt Bartlett

Create your function modules in SE80 / SE37 don’t forget these must be remote-enabled
Matt Bartlett







Optionally Create Service User.

From within the transaction soamanager:
Business administration – Web Service Administration.
Matt Bartlett

Find your web service and choose the Overview Tab. Get the WSDL URL from the link “Open WSDL document for selected binding”Matt BartlettOptionally you can also setup authentication here.

PHP Setup
Most installations have SOAP compiled in or enabled by default.
You can double check this with the function phpinfoMatt Bartlett

Template Program with comments – Download Here
Matt Bartlett

For a video of a couple of examples of the kinds of things you can do see – SAP and PHP Demo (Using SOAP Connectivity)

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