UK Cyber Security Challenge. Are you in…? Well you should be!

If you’re reading this then the chances are you have at least a mild interest in IT security. I’ve been competing in the UK Cyber Security Challenge this year and I urge you to get involved. So far it’s been a fantastic experience and really got my interest sparked in this area. This year there has been a variety of different of paths from secure network design, penetration testing (or hacking) and forensics. There’s been theory and hands on challenges for example where you’ve had the opportunity to try out your skills against the clock to hack into as many servers as possible to gain root and administrator access. If more considered approach is more your thing then the Linux forensic investigation competition was brilliant and my personal favourite, here you had to identify 24 different compromises and identify how they were pulled off and how you could defend against them. I’ve seen some really clever cunning exploits and learnt a ‘stack’ of new tricks.

The top man James Lyne from Sophos explains more

As this is my blog it’s just about ok to blow my own trumpet with my results so far…

Linux Forensic Challenge – 1st Place
Sophos and SANS Penetration Test – 1st Place
SAIC CyberNEXS Penetration Test – 1st Place

Not just because of the results so far, it really has been a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

The challenge will be back next year bigger and better than ever.

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