Connecting SAP on Oracle to an External Microsoft SQL Database Server

During a recent bit of consulting I was asked to connect SAP to various External Databases. SAP impressed me with its Multi-Connect feature and I thought it worthy of a couple of quick videos.

If you’re already running SAP on Microsoft SQL then you can skip Steps 2 and 3.

Step 1: Make sure your SQL server is setup to support SQL Server Authentication as the default is Windows Authentication Mode only.Matt BartlettIf in any doubt of your SQL configuration try using the standard Windows ODBC data source wizard. If you’re not getting a connection don’t forget your listeners.

Step 2: Download the database library. Under Kernel Patches and make sure you select the database version you want to connect to in this example MS SQL Server.Matt Bartlett
Matt Bartlett

Step 3: Unpack and copy the library itself dbmssslib.dll to your application instances kernel folders. In the video I leveraged the instance.lst file to get SAP to do this for me as part of the SAP startup sapcpe process.

Step 4: In SAP transaction SM30 table maintenance for DBCON. Add the connection. MSSQL_DBNAME is optional and you can use named pipes if you really want to by entering np:hostname instead of tcp:hostname.Matt Bartlett

Step 5: Code away. You can download my sample ABAP program here.

If you’re looking for this the other way around connecting from Microsoft SQL to Oracle see –

Chapter 8 of SAP Administration – Practical Guide contains more information about how to configure database connections:


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  1. Nice videos, short and informative. a bit fast but its very good. “No waffling” – Many thanks for posting them. I just started to teach myself. Reading, applying and Learning and came across your videos. Very kind of you. cheers.

  2. Seems like u really understand quite a lot regarding this particular topic and that shows thru this amazing blog,
    termed “Connecting SAP on Oracle to an External Microsoft SQL Database Server | Matt Bartlett
    – SAP, Security and More”. Thanks -Dieter

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